Friday, October 10, 2014

Award Winners!

Can't find something to check out? How about an award winner?

Most of the time when the kids come into the library, they already have an idea of what they are going to be checking out. They ask me if I can help them find something about cars or dogs, snakes or sharks, etc. But once in a while, I do get the kids that have no idea what they are looking for and these are the kids that I made this display for.  

I tried to make this a comfy spot where the kids can come over, choose a book from the display, look through it and decide if they want to check it out. When a student tells me they don't know what to check out, I point to the display and say, "have you looked at some of the award winners?" I explain to them that these books have received awards, so obviously someone thinks these are great books. I walk them over and show them some of the books and tell them a little about the awards and the books. Sometimes they find something that interests them and sometimes they don't.  I really like having these books displayed, it sure beats having them stuck in a shelf, hidden from view.

One of these days, I might sit in this comfy spot and read some of these awards winners myself (again).

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