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Book Fair Spring 2014

Book Fair Spring 2014

     I had a book fair back in May but I am just now putting these pictures up on my blog. Between baseball, softball, basketball then travel softball and now football, it is sometimes difficult to find time for myself let alone working on my blog. Don't even ask me when was the last time I was able to work on one of my scrapbooks! It has been really cool seeing people pin my old pics on Pinterest but here are the new ones.

Classroom Wish List!!!
Book Fair

     This year I used a shelving unit that is located close to the entrance of the library. This is where I normally display our new books. I used the same plastic bins that I purchased at Target for $3 each and the same "Classroom Wish List" sign that I had previously made. Each teacher has their own container where they themselves find books throughout the book fair and place them in their containers for parents and sometimes kids to purchase. These books are then donated to the teacher for use in their classroom. Some teachers get all of the books they ask for and others are not so lucky. I usually buy one book from each container with Scholastic dollars and donate them to each classroom.

As I mentioned before, each teacher has a bin and in order to tell which container belongs to what teacher, I taped a postcard like the one on the left onto the bin. I created these on MS Publisher. I used one of the generic postcards in Publisher and modified it with the information pertaining to each teacher. I also took a sheet of staff pictures and cut out one of each teacher. I then put double sided tape on all the pictures and placed the picture matching the postcard on the top right hand corner. Very easy and the parents were able to find their child's teacher easily and quickly.

Here is one more look. This is the second year I do this and I am still getting complements! 

"Wow! What  are great idea!"

"This is so convenient!"

"This is great! We don't have to look for the books ourselves!"

The teachers love this idea too! They used to have to write every book down on a sheet. When I would invite the teachers for a teacher preview, I would get a very low turnout. It was too much work and they just don't have the time.   


The kids love book fairs! And they love buying books for their teachers too!

This is something else I did during the Spring book fair. Since Scholastic offers Pre-Fair Promotion Kits, I was able to purchase a couple of them with my promotion codes. I then separated them into three baskets. One basket contained books for grades Kinder to 2nd, the other contained books for 3rd to 4th and the last basket contained books for grades 5th to 6th. I also used some of my Scholastic dollars to purchase some of those knickknacks the kids love, pencils, bookmakers, erasers, etc. and placed them into each basket. I sold lottery tickets for $1 each and the kids went crazy over this contest. It was great watching the kids get excited about the books in these containers.

Here are a couple more pictures of the spring book fair. I just LOVED the fiesta theme!
Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog.

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